Red Hat Day – DevOps Adoption & DX Journey
Edmonton & Vancouver

Top Lessons Learned While Researching and Writing The DevOps Handbook
Gene Kim, Dev Ops Enthusiast & Author of The DevOps Handbook

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Crushing the DX Divide in Canada with Incredible IT Ops
David Senf, Program Vice President, Infrastructure Solutions Group, IDC Canada


Modern Innovation and the Digital Transformation Journey
Mike Cardy, Chief Strategist, Red Hat Canada
The Digital Shift in Action
Brian Gracely, Director Product Strategy, Red Hat Inc.
Red Hat Open Innovation Labs
Cory Vokey, National Leader, Services Sales & Delivery, Red Hat Canada

Automating the Enterprise with Ansible
Chris Saunders, Sr. Cloud Solutions Architect, Red Hat Inc.
Go Faster: Containers, Platforms, and the Path to Better Software Development
Paul Turnball, Sr. Solutions Architect, Red Hat Canada
Gerald Nunn, Sr. Middleware Solutions Architect, Red Hat Canada